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Mei-Sang Hsieh,  L. Ac.

1415 Boston Post Road, Suite 6, Larchmont NY 10538   

(Between Weaver St and Chatsworth Ave)

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"I had worsening ulnar nerve neuropathy in both elbows (as diagnosed by nerve conduction tests) and accompanying tendonitis. The pain and numbness in my arms got so bad that my ability to carry on my livelihood as a professional writer and musician had come to a virtual standstill. Doctors were beginning to advise me to consider surgery. I tried other physical therapies but they did not help. A series of treatments combining acupuncture, acupressure, and trigger point release with Mei-Sang not only restored me to full functioning but reversed most of the symptoms. I barely even take Advil now.


Mei-Sang is gentle and thorough in her history taking and very knowledgeable about both western and eastern medicine. She takes infinite care in adjusting her treatments to your own system and psychological makeup. Despite my initial anxieties about needles and one or two previous bad experiences with complementary therapies, she put me totally at ease and structured the treatments progressively so that I was completely comfortable as the needles increased. The results speak for themselves.


I think Mei-Sang is very gifted at what she does and recommend her highly to anyone who has a medical condition which has not been helped by conventional treatments."


-Mark G.

“After our first IVF treatment failed, I decided to go back to my Chinese roots and try Chinese medicine and acupuncture hoping that it would help with the next IVF.  I did my research on the internet and found Mei-Sang.  Although I was quite familiar with Chinese medicine and acupuncture myself (having done acupuncture since I was little for various minor health problems), I was skeptical how much it would help with infertility.  

I was very impressed with Mei-Sang's practice during my first visit.  Mei-Sang was very thorough about my medical history, especially regarding fertility and my experience with IVF, and then prescribed Chinese medicine and acupuncture sessions.  Since I knew that Chinese medicine takes time to work, I was prepared to continue with this regimen for at least 3 months hoping that I would become pregnant within six months.  A month and an half later, my husband and I were very pleasantly surprised to find that I was pregnant.  I almost couldn't believe it!!  

Two months ago I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  Our life has been enriched and enchanted by this new addition to the family.  We truly have Mei-Sang to thank for it!”


“Mei-Sang Hsieh is a talented, experienced and outstanding practioner. Her acupuncture treatments are amazing, and totally painless. Her therapeutic massage is magical.  Mei-Sang's treatments have helped me cope with and manage  arthritis pain, as well as several serious health issues. She possesses extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine and herbs. Her herbal prescriptions and suggestions  for alternative remedies and treatments have improved my health considerably.

Since I have been receiving treatments, my energy has improved significantly. I have a better sense of balance and equanimity.  My pain issues are resolved. Every treatment makes me feel absolutely wonderful !!

I leave Mei-Sang's relaxed, refreshed and energized.


Larchmont Acupuncture is located in a beautiful light-filled, warm and welcoming suite which reflects Mei-Sang's pleasant and gracious manner. Mei-Sang is a caring professional who is dedicated to her patients.

My experience as her patient ( for the past three years ), has been overwhelmingly positive. 

I recommend Mei-Sang Hsieh and Larchmont Acupuncture with great enthusiasm and confidence. “


Jennifer A.

“I cannot say enough good words about Mei-Sang and her practice. I first visited Mei-Sang a few years back regarding some digestion issues I had.  I had also always struggled with fertility and although I already had one child at the time, I would have loved  to have had another, so fertility was the other reason I decided to do acupuncture. 

When I visited Mei-Sang for the first time,  I was very impressed with the amount of time that she spent with me discussing how I was feeling and thinking.  It turned out that Mei-Sang not only spent such quality time discussing my issues on our first visit but she did the same on each and every subsequent visit as well.  I always thought that the discussions we had were therapeutic in and of themselves!  And the amount of care and patience she has when performing acupuncture cannot be described.  Admittedly a little apprehensive about how I would feel the first time, I not only loved the experience but found myself looking forward to my weekly sessions.  I felt my body relax and feel stronger in a way I hadn't felt in a long time.  The acupressure that Mei-Sang would perform before the acupuncture only aided my feelings of well-being.  I was also impressed how Mei-Sang would adjust her treatment each and every time depending on what was discussed during our talk and how I was feeling that day.  She is  incredibly in tune with how her patients feel.  The care and professionalism with which she performs her treatments cannot be matched.  Several sessions later, I found myself not only feeling better as a whole but found out that I was expecting another child! I have no doubt that Mei-Sang's sessions of acupuncture helped my body get to a stronger and more relaxed place and helped my body prepare for a pregnancy (despite the fact that western doctors had told me that my chances of having another baby were virtually nonexistent).   

I have recently been seeing Mei-Sang again and, as before, have been very much enjoying my acupuncture sessions.  Her office is a reflection of herself and her practice -- relaxing and gentle.  Her professionalism and knowledge about acupuncture cannot be matched and I cannot recommend Mei-Sang enough to anyone who would like to undergo acupuncture.  I feel so fortunate to have found her.  You will no doubt start feeling better and stronger while under Mei-Sang's care!”

-Jacqueline, Eastchester, NY 

“I first went to Larchmont Acupuncture for IVF support and the treatments helped a great deal during my IVF cycles.  I also found that I am much more relaxed and less stressed, and I’m definitely making acupuncture part of my ongoing health protocol. Mei-Sang’s treatments are gentle yet very effective and her massage is divine. The office and treatment room are incredibly relaxing and Mei-Sang is wonderful to talk to. I just can’t praise her enough; it’s truly been life-changing.”


-Jennifer B.

“I had been suffering for over two years with chronic muscle spasms and burning in my upper back and pain from a herniated disk in my lower back.  I took prescription medications, tried pain patches and spent over a year in Physical Therapy doing weight resistance exercises that my therapist recommended to strengthen my muscles.  Unfortunately this regimen only exacerbated my symptoms.  I decided to seek acupuncture as a last resort.   At our first meeting Mei-Sang conducted a comprehensive evaluation of my physical condition, lifestyle, stress factors and other health issues.  Her approach immediately made more sense when she said we must work to “calm down” these problematic muscles – the opposite method taken by the physical therapist.  After just a few sessions of acupuncture my symptoms began to dissipate and eventually the burning sensation disappeared completely.  My lower back pain has also improved dramatically and I am drug free.  Mei-Sang is professional, compassionate and intuitive; she always seems to know exactly where I am having the most discomfort.  I have enormous confidence and trust in Mei-Sang’s skill and knowledge and am thankful to have found her.”


-Mary L.

“Mei-Sang Hsieh is a talented acupuncturist who spends extra time inquiring about a client’s health history, habits, physical complaints and problems.  She is knowledgeable about both Western and Chinese medicine and has a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy. I contacted her because of low-back and knee pain.  My sessions in her care have improved my physical well-being and I would recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture therapy.”

-J.D.W., Larchmont, NY

“I herniated a disc in my neck several years ago and continue to have neck and back pain from that injury.  I had been using acupuncture for a couple of years and found it beneficial.  When we moved to the area, I was recommended Mei-Sang and I couldn't be happier with her practice.  She is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner and takes her time with me each session.  Her office is professional and welcoming.  She genuinely cares about my entire health, not just my neck and back problems.  She has also always been very accommodating with schedules and helps work with my insurance.   My neck and back problems have greatly improved under her care and I recommend her to anyone looking to use acupuncture.”  

-Karen L.  

“I believe we all have some measure of success when engaging an Acupuncturist.  However, I ALSO believe that communication is key when working with an Acupuncturist, and that Mei-Sang is not only a great listener, but has shared information with me, so that she has been incredibly successful in dealing with my bulging discs and the residual pain it causes to my neck, shoulder, lower back, legs and arms, and has been sensitive to the outside influences that daily life brings to my body.

I have never met anyone with not only as calming personality, but a sense of humor, a wonderful smile, and a compassionate way to which she approaches her Art.

She is not only a teacher, but a continual student, as she wants her patients to improve as a result of her work, and is constantly asking how the time in between appointments has been , so she can map out her next plan for healing.

I will continue to be a loyal patient as I am so much better under her care, have already recommended her to many friends and colleagues.  I am very lucky to have found Mei-Sang and consider her not only my Acupuncturist, but a valued friend.”


"It started in the middle of the night, when I woke up feeling like my whole shoulder was frozen asleep.  It got worse; eventually I couldn’t sleep on either side, I couldn’t reach behind me to fasten clothing, and I had less and less mobility raising my arm.  I went to a physical therapist for two months with some relief, but eventually she said she couldn’t do anything more for me, I would have to get a cortisone shot.  This I wasn’t crazy about doing.

My best friend, a massage therapist, recommended acupuncture.  While visiting family in Florida, a massage therapist said she had the same problem and had gotten better going to a person trained in massage and acupuncture.  Coming home, I started searching for someone who could do both.

“My search ended with Mei-Sang and eventually so did my pain.  I found her to be skillful, smart, and compassionate.  She enthusiastically answered my questions and helped me learn techniques to release muscle pain at home as well. It took awhile, but eventually I had no pain in either shoulder and most of my mobility back.  As an added benefit, my general health was better.  Family members would get sick and I didn’t.  When my teenager started having widespread muscular pain, I turned to Mei-Sung.  He didn't realize how much pain and discomfort he was experiencing all the time, until he felt release of the tightness during a session.  The only thing I really dislike about Larchmont Acupuncture is that it is in Larchmont, I wish it could be Irvington Acupuncture, instead. "


“After seeing various doctors about issues with breathing, I was getting nowhere and losing hope fast. But then I came to Larchmont Acupuncture. Mei-Sang was so patient and thorough with me, and with her help we realized I had been suffering from panic attacks. In her care and treatments my panic attacks decreased, and I began to feel like I could take a deep breath, something I hadn't been able to do for months. Since working with Mei-Sang I have begun to feel more relaxed. I truly feel that acupuncture can change your life, physically, mentally and emotionally. I would not be where I am today without Mei-Sang's dedication to my total wellness. She has taught me to eat right and live a healthier lifestyle. Having also dealt with TMJ on and off for years, acupuncture has helped to relax my muscles and get rid of many of my jaw and neck related problems. I owe a lot to Mei-Sang, she has made me a balanced person who can now handle stressful situations and not send myself into a state of panic!”



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